Duke Family

And just like that two weeks of blog posts missed. Whoops. The sickness got a hold of us, and we are just on our way from getting over it.  It always seems to go around one last time before it warms up outside. Which it FINALLLLYYYYY is.  It sounds so crazy to say, but Stefanie and I are pretty much booked up with family sessions and weddings until the beginning of July.  We have a few Thursdays open and THATS IT! How blessed are we to do something we love, with clients we love even more, all the time!? 

It astounds me constantly this life & the relationships we build. I have know this family for upwards of 8 years! ( crazy, right? I remember when their youngest was still in her mama's tummy) So when we got the chance to photograph them before their oldest took on a new journey to Colorado, it just filled my heart. We had such a fun time running around Old Town and enjoying the rare winter sunshine! 

Also, look at the fur baby they brought. For anyone who ever wonders, WE LOVE DOGS. So feel free to bring them. Puppas are family too <3


Riley Sage | Newborn Session

Here we are, Winter is finally coming to an end. Yet, as I type this we have a snow warning in our area and I'm kindddddaaaa hoping it misses us. I'm all about winter for about a month, but after Christmas if it just turned into Summer you would not hear me complaining. We just had to set our clocks forward, and our sessions are getting planned for later in the evening (FINALLYYYY) The sun setting so early really is not good for anyone. 

Spring brings a bundle of new possibilities. Including so many new little ones! Riley was our second Spring baby born and man what a joy she is! You can already see how great of parents Kristin & Dustin are going to be. They have been ready for her arrival since our maternity session with them in the Fall! 

Whoever says newborn sessions are easy.... man, they are wrong. Newborn sessions are fun and meticulous. They test your patience, your skill as a photographer and an improve thinker. They are everything but easy, and Riley reminded us of that! Two hours in and we could  not figure out what this little babe wanted, until we did. She just wanted to be  so, so, soooooooooo warm! Heating pad and space warmer on high, A/C off! She bundled up and let us pose away!!! So excited for the images we got, scroll through to see!!! At the end there may be some pictures of their maternity session too ;) 


Ariana | Two Weeks New

Man oh man. It is baby season over at House of Amsel. Ariana was our first of three little ones being born in the next two weeks! Words can't describe the happiness we see in all our new families and this was no different. Both her mom and dad were glowwwwwing in a way only new parents could. With each pose we did, they were laughing and smiling with excitement for the finished product. 

Newborn sessions are a fun kind of challenge. You really never know what you are going to get. Stef and I were so lucky in with little Ariana because she slept THE WHOLE TIME! For people who know how newborn sessions go, this is extremely rare. I don't think we saw this little angels eyes once! She allowed us to pose her and wrap her ten times over and she Did. Not. Move. 

Click through the gallery to see how well she did!!!