Abby | Birthday Session

The week has come and gone! Stef is home for vacation so that is fantassssticc! .I honestly don't even know how we both ran businesses without each other at some point. It was so hectic all the time. It is true, teamwork does make the dream work. 

This week we had to reschedule a few sessions due to this cold, nasty weather! It is April for crying out loud, where are my warm 60 degree days!  Thankfully we had a few weekdays open that made it easy, but really! I wish Mother Nature would just make up her mind already. 

There was a lot of snow on the ground for Abby's birthday too. An abnormal snow storm blew in right before her at Royal Horseshoe Farm. We were a little worried about the mud, but it turned out to not be an issue at all. What a dream this session was. When Abby's mom contacted us about doing pictures for her birthday at a horse farm, we were ECSTATIC! If there is one thing we  love as much as people, it is people and their animals. Sparky was the chosen horse for Abby's birthday. She got to brush him, saddle him up, pick out her helmet and we were off! She was such a natural at taking the reigns, she lit up the whole room with her happiness riding him. The employees at Royal Horseshoe were so accommodating to us, I can not thank them enough on spot recommendations to letting me follow them around with my camera for a few hours. This was such a fun time!! 

Happy Birthday, Abby! We cannot wait to see what this amazing life has in-store for you.